Fort Leonard Wood River and Tree scene

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We want you to Ask AEC so we can assist you with questions about AEC's environmental services and solutions and the Army's environmental program. If you haven't found what you were looking for on our website or want further information, we've provided an A to Z index and a search tool to help you find specific information. If you still don't find what you need give us a call at 210-466-1590 or 443-243-0313, or you can send an email to If you are not part of the Department of Defense and are looking for a specific document, please check the FOIA Request section to get details on how and where to submit a request for a document covered by the Freedom of Information Act. 


Each NEPA action has specific instructions for making comments unique to that assessment. Please visit the NEPA page(s) for more information on how to voice your concerns about environmental assessments. The NEPA email address is

FOIAs also have specific filing requirements, and must be tracked by our FOIA officer. Please visit the FOIA page(s) for more information on how to make a FOIA request. The FOIA email address is