The Army is committed to ensuring quality drinking water is provided to its Soldiers, family members, and civilians. Proactive sampling is performed by the Army on its drinking water systems and coordination with other purveyors of drinking water to installations occurs to ensure PFOS/PFOA remains below the Environmental Protection Agency’s 2016 lifetime health advisory level of 70 parts per trillion (ppt) for PFOS and PFOA (individually or combined). While not an enforceable regulatory standard, a lifetime health advisory represents a concentration in drinking water that is not expected to produce adverse health effects if the water is consumed over an entire lifetime.

Status:  Finished drinking water, which is the treated water people drink at Camp Walker, does not contain PFOS/PFOA above the EPA 2016 health advisory levels. Additionally, Army-provided drinking water complies with the standards of the Safe Drinking Water Act, a federal law designed to protect the quality of drinking water supplied to the American public. The Army will continue to sample and monitor on-installation drinking water.

PFOA + PFOS Results: Below the laboratory's ability to detect

Test results date:  February 2023

Testing Frequency:  quarterly

Future Testing Event:  June 2023

History: As a proactive measure in 2016-2017, the Army tested  the drinking water wells at Camp Walker for PFAS. Results showed (789 ppt) an exceedance of the EPA lifetime health advisory. The well  was shut down. A water treatment system to remove PFOS and PFOA was installed.  Since treatment began, finished water test results have been below the EPA lifetime health advisory. 

Type of drinking water systems: Army-owned

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Water Quality Reports are not required for this installation