• LOE 1 Workforce (Skilled & Ready People)
    Maintain a skilled and ready workforce to deliver technical environmental capabilities and services to our Army.
    • Workforce Development
    • Service Culture Campaign Implementation
    • Enterprise Training / Team Development
  • LOE 2 Readiness (Enable Army/ DoD Mission)
    Provide an agile organization to enable DoD / Army Readiness and be responsive to evolving strategic environmental mission priorities.
    • Environmental Program Planning
    • Restoration & Compliance
    • Conservation & Pollution Prevention
  • LOE 3 Enterprise (Integrate Environmental Programs)
    Synchronize environmental program execution through a whole of enterprise approach, common purpose, and execution.  
    • Operationalize the Command
    • Knowledge Management & Strategic Common Operational Picture
    • National Defense Center for Energy and Environment
    • Evaluation / Assessment of Regulatory and Legislative Impacts
  • LOE 4 Strategic Initiatives (Shape the Future)
    Shape the Future by forecasting and remaining aligned & nested with Army / AMC / IMCOMs (current & future) vision, framework, and priorities.
    • Environmental Risk Communication
    • Modernization and Reform Initiatives
    • Community Partnership / Support