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Army Energy Action Month

Energy Action Month plans focus on three pillars to make substantial changes, improvements

By Thomas Milligan, USAEC Contractor

SAN ANTONIO – In facing an often-uncertain energy future, while never wavering from its mission of protecting and defending America’s interests around the globe, the U.S. Army is launching ambitious initiatives on several fronts to ensure it can power its future to meet the challenges ahead.

October is Energy Action Month, an annual event designed to raise awareness about energy resilience, efficiency, and accountability and to drive behavior change. The 2022 theme is “Energy Resilience: Sustain the Mission – Secure the Future.”

Ryan Hernandez, newly named interim Energy Division Chief for U.S. Army Installation Management Command G4 Facilities and Logistics said by focusing on improving how energy resources are managed, created and deployed, the Army has set both broad and ambitious goals, as well as localized plans to make changes at installations and on-the-ground. He said the energy month theme accurately captures the approach he and his team are employing to help support energy planning.

“The three big pillars of the Army Installation Energy and Water Strategic Plan -- resilience, efficiency and affordability -- are going to be communicated across the Army and to the installations as they are looking at projects and investments,” Hernandez said. “They’re looking to identify efficiencies as well as vulnerabilities and try to address them at the same time. We want to be able to get the best bang for our dollar.”

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