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Elementary school students learn about how animal waste and garbage, if not properly managed, can be harmful to local water sources, including groundwater, stormwater and drinking water during an Earth Day Fair at Corpus Christi Army Depot in 2019.

‘Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines’

By Troy Darr, U.S. Army Environmental Command

SAN ANTONIO – The program manager for the National Defense Center for Energy and Environment announced that the program is accepting project proposals from March 1 through April 1 for innovative military technologies to demonstrate and validate at active DOD installations.

“Proven technologies that are beyond the research stage and provide a multi-service solution to current DOD challenges are considered strong project candidates,” said Jennifer Rawlings, program manager.

Projects must meet the basic eligibility requirements and clearly address four scoring criteria: mission/readiness, technical quality, transition potential, and modernization/innovation, she said.

NDCEE provides a direct funding process for DOD agencies seeking to demonstrate, validate and transition commercially available off-the-shelf as well as hot off-the-lab bench innovations for military application.

Funded projects typically range from 1-2 years with an average annual cost of $100,000 to $400,000. A support agreement is signed by the DOD Installation willing to demonstrate the technology, and a DOD transition partner is required to ensure the successful project is implemented DOD wide.

Since the organization’s creation in 1991, the NDCEE has supported hundreds of successful projects from across the military services realizing millions in cost savings in the areas of energy, environment, and safety occupational health.

Read more at: https://www.army.mil/article/243623

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