We will be celebrating the 50th anniversary of Earth Day in 2020.

Each year the Army joins the nation in celebrating Earth Day on April 22. Though the observance was originally designed to bring public awareness to environmental issues, the Army uses this day to highlight environmental successes and help people understand how sound environmental stewardship not only supports the quality of Soldier training, but also the quality of life of families that live on Army installations, Army Soldiers, civilians and contractors that work on Army installations, and neighboring communities.

The Army Environmental Command develops an Army Earth Day poster each year and provides downloadable information products to support Army organizations and installations as they celebrate Army Earth Day at their location.

In January you will be able to order you 2020 Army Earth Day poster.  Orders must be submitted by February 21 to receive your posters by April 1. 

Last year we experienced problems with our Earth Day orders which we believe were a result of security protocols added to our website forms.  Please feel free to send your order by email to USARMY.JBSA.AEC.MBX@mail.mil.

If you have any questions email USARMY.JBSA.AEC.MBX@mail.mil or call 210-466-1590.

Poster Order Form

Orders for posters will be accepted between January 1 and February 21.  Please send an email to USARMY.JBSA.AEC.MBX@mail.mil  with your mailing information and the number of small and large posters you are requesting or click here.

To order posters please click here.

Additional product downloads

Bookmark Order Form

To order bookmarks please send an email to USARMY.JBSA.AEC.MBX@mail.mil with your mailing information and the number of bookmarks you are requesting or click here.

The following Web sites are helpful resources for Army Earth Day organizers

Children's Activity Order Form

To order childrens activity/color books, please send an email to  USARMY.JBSA.AEC.MBX@mail.mil with your mailing information and the number of books you are requesting or click here.

To order activity books please click here.

More Information

  • If you prefer to print the posters yourself, once the poster is finalized, you will be able to download a hi-resolution version.
  • If you have any questions or concerns, please call 210-466-1590 or email¬†USARMY.JBSA.AEC.MBX@mail.mil.