The Army theme for last Earth Day was A Partnership for the Planet; the Army will take orders for Army Earth Day 2023 posters beginning in January.

The Army joins the nation in observing Earth Day on April 22.  Earth Day events across the Army highlight how the Army has and will continue to sustain the mission, secure the future to meet and defeat climate challenges.

In a PARTNERSHIP FOR THE PLANET, the Army is collaborating with federal agencies, academia and industry to evaluate how climate, conservation and species preservation contributes to readiness.  The application of this knowledge will lead to improve instalaltion infrastrucure and ensure the homeland is protected and defended from current and future threats. 

Army land, air and water resources are vital to both present and future missions and we must nurture the environment with an eye towards modernization and conservation.

Each year the Army develops an Army Earth Day poster and distributes it across the globe Army-wide. If you ordered posters this year, they should be at your installation by April 1.  If you do not receive them ay April 8, please call 443-243-0313 and we will help track them down for you.

 If you have any questions or concerns, please call 443-243-0313 or email

The 2022  poster. as well digital wallpaper and other items to download are available on this page.

Additional product downloads

The following Web sites are helpful resources for Army Earth Day organizers