Creek and natural foliage

USAEC protects our land, air and waterUSAEC protects our land, air and water by meeting environmental standards, enabling Army operations, maximizing readiness, and protecting Soldiers, families and communities, as well as through the institutionalization of best practices.

As steward of more than 13 million acres across many diverse ecosystems, the Army complies with more than 100 Army, DoD and federal regulations that protect human health and the environment. USAEC helps installations understand their requirements and minimize the impact of environmental compliance on the Army mission.

USAEC oversees the handling of more than 2,600 environmental permits at more than 150 installations, the annual disposal of more than three million pounds of universal waste, and assists installations in implementing new guidance and regulations. Through the sharing of best practices and lessons learned, AEC helps integrate sustainable management practices into installation activities, protects reliable access to land, water, and other resources and preserves operational flexibility into the future.

In addition, USAEC hosts communities of practice for air, water, and waste to provide a forum to share and distribute the latest information, provide guidance, respond to questions and share best practices among Army installation environmental staffs.