Large Dirt Field with equipment in the distant background.

USAEC Restores Army landsUSAEC performs appropriate, cost-effective cleanup at active installations Army-wide to ensure the property is both safe for installation use and protective of human health and the environment.

USAEC manages the active Army Installation Restoration Program, Army Military Munitions Response Program, Installation Management Command Compliance Cleanup Program and provides technical and program support to Base Realignment and Closure cleanup activities.

The Army has demonstrated its commitment to environmental stewardship for more than 35 years by addressing soil and groundwater contamination at more than 12,000 sites. Responses now are complete at more than 11,500 of those and responses are expected to be completed at 95 percent of all sites by 2021. To date, the Army has invested more than $9 billion to allow our Soldiers to continue to use Army lands for training and to ensure human health and the environment are protected.