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AEC supports our installations and trainingAEC helps ensure the Army uses a solid science and engineering base in developing sustainable environmental technologies and that U.S. Army technology developers focus on the highest priority user needs for the total U.S. Army in support of the environmental strategy.

Through support of environmental planning, AEC has reduced Army costs by 60 percent and documentation completion time by 50 percent. AEC's Environmental Performance Assessment and Assistance System provides Army commanders a comprehensive look at environmental risks associated with their facilities and missions. Evaluating the installations' ability to effectively manage their environmental programs and comply with current and future requirements allows reduction of environmental liabilities.

AEC helps commands actively promote mission readiness by continually assessing and upgrading environmental performance across Army installations, using geospatial data to analyze complex and interrelated initiatives and ensure implementation of those with the greatest potential to enhance the Army mission. AEC works with installations to enable Soldier readiness and sustainable military communities while ensuring compliance with laws and regulations designed to protect human health and the environment.