Monitored Natural Attenuation -- The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Vocabulary Catalog states "Monitored natural attenuation involves physical, chemical, and biological processes that act to reduce the mass, toxicity, and mobility of subsurface contamination. Physical, chemical, and biological processes involved in monitored natural attenuation include biodegradation, chemical stabilization, dispersion, sorption, and volatilization."

Anaerobic Bioremediation -- EPA explain on their website "In anaerobic conditions, microorganisms will ultimately metabolize organic contaminants to methane, limited amounts of carbon dioxide, and trace amounts of hydrogen gas. In anaerobic reactions, bacteria gain energy and grow as an atom on a contaminant is replaced with hydrogen (AFCEE). Anaerobicmetabolism encompasses many processes including fermentation, methanogenesis, reductive dechlorination, sulfate- and iron-reducing activities, and denitrification."


There are seven main contaminants of concern at the former Badger AAP: total dinitrotoluene (DNT); 2,4-DNT; 2,6-DNT; trichloroethene (TCE); 1,1,2-trichloroethane (TCA); carbon tetrachloride (CTET); and ethyl ether (EE).